“The Big Conversation” – Protecting our rural bus service.

What is the Big Conversation? KCC want to find out if there is a better, more sustainable way of providing transport to rural communities not currently served by commercial operators. They want to explore this in conversation with a number of stakeholders.

KSS Statement
We are working with transport and technology providers, District/Parish/Town Councils, stakeholder organisations and communities across Kent to identify potential ideas to develop new ways of delivering rural transport.

KCC issues over 298,000 concessionary travel bus passes for elderly and disabled people as well as helping to transport 32,000 young people through our unique young persons and 16+ travel cards.

Around 97% of journeys in Kent are run on a purely commercial basis by private operators (such as Arriva and Stagecoach) – with over 50 operators covering 600 services. But not all of Kent’s bus services are run in this way. Over the last 30 years KCC has funded some routes which, while not commercially viable have been considered important to meet the needs of the communities and passengers they serve.

This is an exciting opportunity for members and residents to provide feedback on the ideas presented as we develop potential delivery models for rural transport.

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