The Southfleet Memorial fund is a registered charity originally know as the “Southfleet Sick Poor Fund” founded in November 1956. The name of the charity was changed in the mid 1990’s as being more appropriate. The mentor of the fund is Southfleet Parish Council.

( A fuller history of the fund, with copies of historical papers will be published shortly)

The fund operates in accordance with UK Data protection regulations including GDPR. The Fund is not connected in any way with other “Southfleet Groups” Any one resident in the Civil Parish of Southfleet may approach the fund for help in Strict Confidence.

The Fund Trustees are: Pauline Tester 01474 833188 David Owen: 01474 834212, Jan Painter: 01474 832631, Noreen Salway: 01474 833622 and Heather Wakeman: 01474 833482.