Fouling of Footpaths

It has been reported by walkers that dog fouling of the footpaths, village hall and farmland is increasingly becoming a problem. This is not only unpleasant but can be a health hazard. Please when you are walking your dogs, be considerate to others and take bags with you to clear up any mess. There are bins provided throughout the parish, but if there is not one in the vicinity, please take the bag home with you and dispose of it.

Earlier this year the Parish Council placed 14 anti dog fouling notices along the allotment path, due to the particular concern of parents working on the Sedley’s School allotment, which is clearly signed. There were bad smells in the heat wave due to urination and soiling on the path. It is with regret that that the Parish Council has seen that all the notices have been removed, and would like to point out that removal of the notices does not remove the designation of the footpath, therefore fines can still be imposed. Your co-operation will be welcome. Anyone witnessing offences can call the Chairman in confidence on 01474 833622 or email the Clerk on

We have also been asked “what are the rules regarding dogs on leads”. This is the legal response from KCC Footpaths:

“Dogs are considered a ‘usual accompaniment’ on a footpath.  The entitlement however is only confined to the line of the path and whilst the dog is accompanying the owner.  This means that the dog has to be at heel.  Although this does not mean on a lead unless your dog is well trained consideration should be given to having them on a short lead. If the dog runs around off the path trespass is committed against the holder of the land.

If your dog has not been at heel the farmer has the right to tell you to control your dog as it may stray onto his land.” He is also within his right to erect signs to this effect.

This information should also be noted by those who walk dogs on private land/fields where there is no right of way.