The Parish Council

6 Councillors for the Southfleet East and Southleet West parish were elected uncontested on Thursday 2nd May 2019


Mrs Noreen Salway

Noreen has lived in the area for 62 years and has been a Councillor for 49 years. She is interested in protection of the Green Belt, Countryside and ensuring development is sympathetic to the rural area.

Vice Chairman
Ian Brown

Ian would like to maintain the character of the parish; protecting it’s rural setting. His 2 children attended Sedleys School and he is a Governor at the School. He has been a Councillor for 4 years.  He would like to contribute to encouraging community spirit and look to a secure future. 


Mr Les Tomkins

Les has lived in the parish for 19 years and has been a Councillor for 16 years. He fully suppports protection of the Green Belt and the rural environment. Les would like to ensure the roads are made safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

Mr Cliff Willis
Cliff has lived in the parish for 17 years and has been a Councillor for 8 years. He has an interest in the built environment including planning and development. As a Chartered Surveyor, he has specialist knowledge and skills to benefit the parish.
Pauline Tester
Pauline has lived in the parish for 46 years, and is involved in many charity and community organisations. She is against over development in the Green Belt. Pauline frequently litter picks around the parish, whilst walking her dogs.
Susan Carter
Susan has lived in the parish for 30 years and was brought up in Gravesend. She ran a local business for 36 years and now has more time to get involved in local affairs. She looks forward to serving the Parish Council for the first time. Susan enjoys UK travel, music, local history, gardening, walking, reading and writing.
If you would like to contact any of the Councillors please email the clerk