Donations – Procedure for Requests

The Parish Council’s income and expenditure are probably the most scrutinised activities in Local Government. The source of Parish and Town’s income is the Annual Precept raised from parishioners.

Grants from Government are public money and councils are accountable to the local public as to how and where these funds are spent.

All request for donations must be assessed with care and probity. the credentials of any person or organisation making a request must be available at the time of asking. It is necessary that all requests are transparent.

Southfleet Parish Council Policy on donations.

Applications must be made in writing, stating clearly the following:-

The status of the person, group or society

Specific reason for the request

Relationship of the applicant to the civil parish of Southfleet

Any Member of the Council or Member of staff involved with the application in any way, must openly declare an interest. any Member of the Council or Member of Staff who is asked to convey a request to the Council must advise that such a matter should be put in writing and addressed to the Council. The verbal approach should be advised to the Chairman.

The Council cannot make any commitments to funding until it receives written requests with full details. The Council will carefully assess the benefits to the parish and its people before any commitment is agreed.

Any Member of the Council with a close association with the person/organisations seeking funding must leave the room while such a matter is discussed.