Closure of a Public right of Way in Southfleet

Notice of the intention to make an Order to temporarily close Public Footpaths DR9 and DS20, and Restricted Byway DR129

in the Parishes of Stone, Swanscombe & Greenhithe and Southfleet

In The Borough of Dartford

Kent County Council

(Public Footpaths DR9 and DS20 and Restricted Byway DR129)

(Prohibition Of Traffic) Temporary Order 2019

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Section 14(1), As Amended By The Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Act 1991

Kent County Council intends to make an Order the effect of which is to temporarily close, for a distance of 20 metres either side of the point at which the power line crosses the path;

 On or after the 29th July 2019.

The paths will be closed for a maximum of six months, although it is expected that each individual path will be closed for a period of approximately two weeks.

The paths are closed because works to replace the overhead line conductor are planned on or near the path.

There will be no alternative route during the closure.

For detailed enquiries please contact John Pelham

Contact Centre no. 03000 417171

DR20129 Map 25-6-2019 (4)