Broadditch Duck Pond – Concerns with speeding vehicles

Update 23rd July 2018

The Parish Council sympathises with resident’s concerns with speeding vehicles in the area and the safety of pedestrians and the ducks, however despite this Council seeking proactive highway measures from KCC and the Police who are the Authorities responsible, progress is slow.

The Parish Council met with KCC Highways on Tuesday 16th of July for them to view the area personally and to advise on the steps that can be taken to address the PC and residents concerns.

KCC has advised that there are strict guidelines on schemes in rural locations and the incidents that have been recorded are taken into consideration. The incident record for New Barn is low, even when 2 major incidents in the past 2 years have been taken into account, therefore the Police and KCC are restricted in what they can achieve.

KCC has agreed that they will immediately look at extra signage to warn drivers of pedestrians and ducks and will request a speed review, which will not take place until after the school holidays to get a true picture of the speed and travel movements throughout the day. Once the review has taken place, KCC will investigate the best way to tackle the issue.

The Owner of the pond is doing his best to encourage the ducks to the rear of the pond, but as they are wild fowl, they are free range fliers, not domestic. He has also put up warning signs.

Please contact KCC Highways direct if you are concerned at to register your concerns, as KCC will also look at the number of reports where there is a problem.

You may also like to contact your Borough Councillors Cllrs Kite, Perfitt and Brown at Dartford Borough Council or your Kent County Member Cllr Jeremy Kite.