Pepperhill Waste Unit

The Parish Council met with representatives from KCC Waste and Environment on Monday 2nd July for an update on the Pepperhill Waste Unit. The PC and residents have particular concerns over the length of time it is being closed, the arrangements for domestic waste collection and increased flytipping.

Statement from KCC – The site is closed until August to allow for works to be carried out to decontaminate the site following the fire. Once the decontamination has been undertaken, it will be possible to conduct tests to determine how far the damage has infiltrated the cladding and insulation further up the building, which may result in a second phase consisting of removal of the roof – the test results on the soot has shown an extremely high toxic reading which will rot the building from the inside out if not fully removed through decontamination and removal of affected panels. There has been a delay whilst tests are being carried out, but now the investigation has been completed the work will start, which in some cases includes hand scrubbing.
Re opening
There have been rumours that the unit will open and then close again until February, this was refuted by KCC, who said they have no plans to do this unless when it re-opens there are unforeseen circumstances that affect the health and safety of workers and customers.

New Barn Lane – fly tipping issues
KCC has contacted Dartford BC this morning and they are chasing their contractor to ensure that the waste is cleared asap and that the daily clearance continues.

KCC will continue to update in relation to the work progression on site.

Extended Opening Times at Pepperhill
KCC will check the permitted hours of opening to see if this is an option.

External Site Signage
This is being looked into.

The Parish Council will let you know if we have any further updates.

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We appreciate your patience during this time and would ask you to dispose of your rubbish at the alternative locations on the KCC Waste Site website.

If you do view incidents of fly tipping, please report it immediately on

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