Bus Services

Working with MP Gareth Johnson, your Parish Council has helped to persuade Kent County Council not to impose serious funding cuts on subsidised bus services in January 2018 including the Bluewater Service. Instead KCC will now complete an in depth survey with Parish Councils to properly determine where services need boosting: and others need adjusting. If you would like to provide us with feedback on the Bluewater service, we can include residents comments in our report.

Please use the buses where possible, otherwise low usuage could lead to the withdraw of a bus service in our area.

For  bus timetables please check the arriva website on  http://www.arrivabus.co.uk

Southfleet Parish Council is pleased the Young Persons Travel Pass is available to school children aged 11-16 in the Dartford and Gravesham Areas. Please check the KCC website on www.kent.gov.uk/kentfreedompass for further information. Annual as well as half year passes are available.