The Allotment rental period commences on the 1st of October and we do have some plots available. The cost to rent a whole plot is £12 per year or a half plot at £6 per year. The plots are south facing and there are 2 water troughs available. Rental is based on a strict lease from the Landowner, therefore sheds are not allowed. The plots are only available for the use of residents of the parish. Please contact the Clerk for more information.

Some tips on how to start an allotment

Clearing the plot

Clear the plot of unwanted materials and debris. Trees, shrubs and other woody plants such as brambles are best cut down and dug out; woody waste can be shredded and composted. Vegetation can be buried during digging after removing the roots of perennial weeds such as bindweed, couch grass, ground elder and nettles. Do not compost these. Smothering weeds with opaque mulches (carpet is no longer recommended) requires at least one growing season to work well. This can be an effective way of dealing with parts of a plot that are not intended to be planted for that season (it’s easy to overdo it with a new allotment so take your time and don’t worry if it takes several seasons to fully bring an overgrown plot into cultivation). Gardeners wishing to grow organically should employ non-chemical weed control measures only.

Please contact me to arrange a viewing of the available plots.

  email the Clerk